Wild Spaces

The Sierra Club was born in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada, with the intention of enjoying and protecting the wild spaces of our Earth. Today this principal continues to be central to the work being done by the Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter.

Wild spaces are essential to the health of our planet, as they act as the lungs and filters of the atmosphere. Over time, however, industry and consumption has threatened to damage this delicate balance through the disruption of our natural ecosystems. A loss of biodiversity (variation of species and life forms in a particular biosphere) threatens to destroy ecosystems all together.

Old growth forests (extreme producers helping to counter the effects of fossil fuel consumption) are nearly extinct due to unsustainable and unacceptable industry practices. The oceans are at risk from over-fishing, oil and gas development, excessive pollution, and introduced species. Countless animals and plant species are on the brink of extinction as a result of the destruction of their natural habitats and contamination of their food and water sources.

The Sierra Club of Canada aims to end this destruction before it reaches a point of impossible recovery. Our campaigns promote the use of more sustainable forestry practices (chemical free, selective cutting) and demand the protection of what little old growth remaining in the region.

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