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Meet some of our Wild Child participants! (on video) For the Halifax Wild Child Forest School program, please go to http://www.wildchildforestschool.ca/

For more information on PEI Wild Child, see below and read our blog .

The PEI 'Wild Child' Nature Immersion Project was delivered to children in fourteen daycares and after-school programs in the Charlottetown area from Jan - March 2015. Sierra Club’s Wild Child is an environmental education program designed to strengthen the “outdoors” component of existing child care services, by helping kids explore nature with enthusiastic games and quiet activities. Wild Child was developed by Sierra Club in Atlantic Canada in response to the growing body of research showing that children need experiences in the natural world for healthy development.

Looking up close at bugs, trees and other wild life; watching and listening to birds and other sounds of nature can have a profound effect on our mental health, and young children especially need opportunities to take a break from modern technology, to relax and connect to the natural world.

Sierra Club PEI is very appreciative of financial support from the PEI WIldlife Conservation Fund, but we need much more funding to continue and expand the program in September 2015; appeals are being made for individual donors, businesses and community organizations to help us reach more 'Wild Children' in the year ahead.   Donations can be made at www.atlantic.sierraclub.ca/en/donate or see below.

Donors to Wild Child of $100 or more in 2015 will receive a free box of Dizolve eco-friendly laundry detergent strips, which are made in Moncton NB! Description of Dizolve is at http://mydizolve.com/campaign/sierra-club-atlantic-wild-child-and-sierra-buddies/#.VIsp38nQDbd .

For more info about  the PEI Wild Child Program contact volunteers Tony Reddin at tonysierraclub-at-gmail.com 902-675-4093, or Hanna Hameline,  tel: 902-326-3914 or 902-368-7337 | email: wildchildpei-at-gmail.com         https://www.facebook.com/wildchildpei


To learn how your after-school or daycare program could participate in the Halifax Wild Child Forest School program, please go to http://www.wildchildforestschool.ca/ , contact the Halifax office at 902-444-3113 or email gretchenf -at- sierraclub.ca.


Support WIld Child!

To buy Dizolve eco-friendly laundry detergent strips, and at the same time support our youth education programs please go to http://mydizolve.com/campaign/sierra-club-atlantic-wild-child-and-sierra-buddies/#.VHZ2vGczDud .

To make a more generous donation to our Environmental Education programs (and get a tax receipt!) click here

or mail cheque (payable to Sierra Club Canada Foundation) to:

PEI Sierra Club Wild Child,  81 Prince St, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4R3      

Wild Child on YouTube!

We managed to catch some of the quick moving elusive wild children on video and asked them what they thought about the program. They travel in packs and there is often a lot of excitment and commotion happening behind the scenes.

The video is here for your viewing pleasure!


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