How We are Acting to Stop Fracking from Happening in Your Watershed

Action Deadline: 
Thu, 2012-12-20 23:00





Public Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing

Please join us for a free public presentation about the process known as hydraulic fracturing and the risks that this industrial activity can pose to our health, environment, and economy. Information on produced waste waters and their disposal will also be discussed.


WHEN: Tuesday, February 5th, 2014 7:00 - 9:00 pm


WHERE: The Windsor Legion, Downstairs Lodge, 35 Fort Edward Lane (across from Sobeys & Fort Edward Mall)


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This event is being organized by members of NOFRAC (NS Fracking Resource and Action Coalition) and Sierra Club Canada-Atlantic Chapter.


CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Gretchen Fitzgerald at 902-444-3113 or

Walk to Ban Fracking, Nov. 27th, 2013 Fredericton


On Tuesday, November 27th, the opening day of the Third Session of the NB Legislature, groups and citizens marched together through downtown Fredericton, culminating with a rally at the Provincial Legislature to demand a stop to unconventional natural gas development in NB. 


The goal was to commemorate the 20,000 New Brunswickers whose petition for a ban on fracking was ignored, and to demand an immediate stop to unconventional natural gas exploration and permitting.  This means an immediate stop to: ongoing shale gas exploration, the granting of any new licenses, and the renewal of existing ones. Sign up and find out more here.


For more information, please contact Margo Sheppard at or 506-462-9915.



Write To Your Leaders


Quick and concerted action is needed now to stop fracking from impacting watershed in Atlantic Canada. Sierra Club Atlantic is calling for an immediate moratorium on fracking and for a complete review of how this industry is being regulated. We have also called on federal Departments of Environment, Fisheries ad Oceans, and Natural Resources to become engaged in regulating this industry.

We need your help to help stop fracking from impacting our watersheds.

Write to your Federal and Provincial Leaders

Ask them to act NOW to establish a moratorium and a full regulatory review that includes provincial and federal governments, as well as public consultation!


Here are key contacts:




Prime Minister Stephen Harper         

(613) 992-4211

NB Premier David Alward

(506) 453-2144

Liberal Leader Bob Rae

(613) 995-9364

PEI Premier Robert Ghiz

(902) 368-4400

NDP Leader Nycole Turmel

(613) 995-7224

NS Premier Darrell Dexter


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

(604) 689-9200

NL Premier Kathy Dunderdale

(709) 729-3570



To the Editor

Write to your local newspaper to express your concern about fracking. ! Here are some things you may wish to include:

  • fracking injects massive amounts of water laced with chemical, sand and /or ceramic pellets into shale rock to extract natural gas

  • drilling and fracking can contaminate watershed, jeopardizing the safety of our groundwater and surface water

  • the use of large volumes of water in fracking can also decrease water available for other uses, like drinking, agriculture, etc.

  • concerns about fracking have lead the state of New York to declare a moratorium until its Department of Environmental Conservation conducts a comprehensive review

  • right now, fracking companies in Canada are not even required to disclose what chemicals they are using

  • there are also potential health threats from the toxic waste water produced by this drilling, and possible gas well blowouts.

Be sure to ask for a moratorium and a regulatory review that includes provincial and federal governments, as well as public consultation!


If you'd like more reading, go to the Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing in Atlantic Canada. This guide outlines the fracking process, the risks fracking poses (to air, water, and our economy), as well as a look at fracking in the four Atlantic Provinces.

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