Water Wizards

In 2007 Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter successfully developed and piloted this new water resource education program, "Water Wizards". It was accepted for curriculum by the PEI Department of Education, delivered to about 500 students in 6 elementary schools on PEI in early 2008, and received with lots of enthusiasm from students, teachers and administration. We established a good working relationship with watershed protection groups in central PEI, and presently have endorsement for this program from the Wheatley River, West River and Hunter River Watershed groups, the Environmental Coalition of PEI, the Cooper Institute, and the Council of Canadians.

The specific goals are to educate students from Grades 1-6 on the care and use of our water resources. The special characteristics of water and ts role in sustaining life on the planet are examined. Students investigate what people in their community know and think about water, and how they use it. The water cycle, pollution and everyday consumption
form the backbone of the curriculum. By focusing on ecological processes, students are inspired to take an active role in caring about their community.

Success is measured through program evaluations which include student and teacher interviews, implementation of a "360 degree" evaluation process, observations by the project coordinator, completions of evaluation forms, and statistical program logs.

The "Water Wizards" project contributes to watershed protection by giving elementary school students the necessary skills and knowledge to become watershed caretakers in their schools, homes and communities.

Students are given two 1-hour classroom visits, including information, activities and games about: the water cycle and how it is essential to life, pollution, conservation, source protection and the water needs of people and ecosystems around the world. The program emphasizes the importance of working together and understanding the viewpoints and water needs of different groups in order to protect our watersheds. Specific actions which can be taken to conserve and protect water are identified and encouraged, including those of the local watershed groups.

 For information on Water Wizards, please contact Heidi Verheul at (902) 444-3113.


Donate to our Environmental Education programs!

Donate to our Environmental Education Programs!



“I think this surprised people on how their footprint was hurting the Earth so much”

“It’s fun”

“The Sierra Club showed us how to care for and help the environment”

“This program was really cool! Good Job!”

“I liked the games we played”

“Keep up the good work, I had lots of fun”... Read more »

Resources for Environmental Education

The following is a list of resources developed by Sierra Club Atlantic's Advisory Committee on Education of articles, books, and organizations working on Environmental Education

David Sobel - “Beyond Ecophobia” http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/education-for-life/803
David Orr- “What is Education For?” http://www.context.org/ICLIB/IC27/Orr.htm
Orion magazine - http://www.orionmagazine.org/
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education - http://cjee.lakeheadu.ca

Richard Louv- Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
“Last Child in the Woods is the first book to bring together a new and growing body of research... Read more »


Wild Child Nature Immersion Gets Children Outside

Wednesday, October 20, 2010- Halifax, NS:The children stop what they are doing and scramble to another child that has shouted that they have found a salamander. She is holding it gently in their hand and while the others push their way into the crowd to take a look at the small amphibian before it is carefully put back in its home.


This fall, children at two schools that host the Halifax Regional School Board’s EXEL Child Care Programs are participating in an innovative program, called Wild Child Nature Immersion. These “Wild Children” explore and play outside in a forested area, while learning about local living ecosystems.

 ... Read more »


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