Water Privatization

Who We Are: The Water Privatization Task Force (WPTF)

The Water Privatization Task Force (WPTF) is a volunteer-based subcommittee of the Sierra Club's Corporate Accountability Committee created to educate Club members and the general public about corporate privatization of water/sewer services and threatened commodification of water itself.

The WPTF works to support Sierra Club (SC-US) and Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) groups and chapters confronted with corporate takeovers of their municipal systems or with loss of water resources due to over-pumping for bottled water or bulk water withdrawals. The WPTF has also initiated a national volunteer campaign to drastically reduce the purchase of bottled water.

Although largely US based, Canada is represented by international liaison - Janet M Eaton who is an active member of both the Corporate Accountability Committee and the Water Privatization Task Force. She was active in helping craft the WPTF policy on Water Privatization and Commodification which both clubs adopted.  Janet also co-authored the Power Point "The Story of Corporate Water Privatization" with WPTF Chair, Ruth Caplan which is used in the United States.  The WPTF has also created a bottled water brochure for use in the US and Janet has transcribed some of its content into the Canadian context into a new Bottled Water Power Point.

This new SCC Website is a companion to the US Sierra Club website. Together these two websites offer a comprehensive researched and referenced knowledge base for both Canadian and US citizens wishing to understand the issues surrounding water privatization, and how it impacts people and nature while providing tools, resources and suggestions for taking action.

The members of the task force:

  • Janet M Eaton, SCC International Liaison, Wolfville, NS  Phone: 902-542-1631
  • Ruth Caplan, Chair, Washington DC, Phone: 202-244-0561
  • Doris Cellarius, Prescott, Arizona
  • Ed Mainland, Novato, California
  • Linda Perkins, Albion, California
  • Sheril Smith, Paige, Texas
  • Dale Stocking, Stockton, California
  • Cathleen Rose , Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Other Liaisons

  • John Glenn, Safe Drinking Water
  • Jim Mays, Trade & Human Rights
  • Michele Perrault, International
  • Jim Price, Staff, SE Regional Office, Phone: 205-933-9111
  • Ronald Sandler, Environmental Justice

Background Information on Water Privitization

Water Threats

- Power Point Presentation

- PDF Document

Threats to Our Water: NAFTA, SPP, Atlantica, Super-Corridors describes the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America (SPP agreed to by the US, Canada and Mexico without Congressional approval), NAFTA Super-Corridors, and cross border regions like Atlantica and how they threaten to put our water up for sale. The 55 slide presentation is based on extensive research by Dr. Janet M. Eaton, SCC Canadian liaison to the Water Privatization Task Force.

Privatization of Public Water Services
 Power Point Presentation (3.8MB PDF)

Bottled Water
Power Point Presentation (4.6MB PDF)

Water for People and Nature
Power Point Presentation (3.3MB PDF)

Water Privatization and Commodification Policy

For Additional Information Contact:

Janet M Eaton
SCC International Liaison, Water Privatization Task Force
SCC-ACC Chair, Sub-committee on Water Privatization
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: 902-542-1631


Photo by Heidi Verheul


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