Sierra Club Eco-Trivia Night - Nov. 5th


Monday, November 5th, 7 pm

RockBottom Brewpub

5686 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax

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What is Eco Trivia? Fun. Thought Provoking. Inspiring! It's a way to get together with people who care about the environment, the same as you do, without it being terribly depressing.

The Sierra Club is a long-standing environmental organization, with a firm commitment to grassroots action and being a strong voice and advocate for nature.

The Halifax-based Atlantic Chapter is looking for new people to get involved. If you have a passion for the environment and an interest in meeting other people who have similar interests, this is your opening.

Come out. Have fun. Learn about the Sierra Club and how you can get involved; whether you just have a little time to show your support, or you want to do as much as you can.

We want to meet you! We want you to meet each other. We want you to share your ideas and your energy.

So join us at the Rockbottom on the 5th!

See you there!


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