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One Earth, One Chance – Why not Make It Yours?

This month, in honour of Earth Day (April 22nd), the Atlantic Chapter is looking for new members and asking current members to renew their commitment!

It is clear that Canada has reached a tipping point and that action is now more important than ever to protect the Earth and the special places we and other creatures call home.

At Sierra Club, we know that one person can make a difference in the world, starting with our own freinds, families and communities. To make our voices heard, let’s band together and speak as one.  The sooner we can mobilize and have an impact on the conversation at a regional and national level, the better our chances. You can help us do this; in return, we will be a voice for your concerns too!

Join now!

 You can also call our Halifax office and we will be happy to assist you: 902-444-3113.

What a Membership Gives You:

  • The Atlantic Canada Chapter newsletter called The Sandpiper with background information on local issues, book reviews and news of upcoming events and outings.

  • A chance to learn more about the environment and how to enjoy it and protect it.

  • A chance to be part of an effective team, to influence Club policies, and vote for Club leaders.

  • A chance to meet like-minded people through social activities, local outings, events, and conferences.

  • A link with North America’s largest environmental organization. We have over 700,000 members across North America.




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