Kelly Schnare is the Interim Coordinator of the Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club.  Her work focuses on integrated fresh water resources and environmental volunteer motivations.  Having done graduate studies in Taiwan, Kelly is pleased to be applying her critical international perspective to her work in her hometown of Halifax.  

She is director of Fusion Halifax Sustainability Action Team, Atlantic Representative for the Canadian Water Network, Co-founding director of the Halifax Tool Library, Steering member of Transition Bay St Margarets and a 2014 HRM Volunteer Award recipient. 

Kelly is working to coordinate multiple local and regional campaigns with the Atlantic Canada Chapter and looks forward to welcoming new members and volunteers.

Tel: (902) 444-3113

Email: kellyb - at -

Gretchen Fitzgerald - Director

Email: gretchenf - at -

Gretchen Fitzgerald is the Director of the Atlantic Canada Chapter of Sierra Club. Her work focuses on environmental impacts of mines, volunteer engagement, and climate change. Having grown up in northern Newfoundland, Gretchen witnessed the impacts of  the collapse of the cod fishery on her community, and was drawn to marine biology and conservation ecology as a student at Dalhousie University. She has produced a report on the harpoon swordfish fishery, spearheaded activity on marine invasive species and ballast water management in Atlantic Canada, and is currently working to decrease the ecological footprint of mines and to get action on climate change. Gretchen has participated as an expert in numerous environmental assessments, including the Joint Panel Review for the Digby Quarry. She is vice-chair of the Nova Scotia Environmental Network, Director of the Canadian Environmental Network, and represents Sierra Club in the Nova Scotia Public Lands Coalition.


David Foster - Urban Biodiversity Coordinator

David was born and raised in Dartmouth, NS, learning to love the environment through programs such as Scouts Canada and a personal curiosity of the natural world. His fascination with living systems took him to Dalhousie University where he is entering his final year of a Combined Honours in Biology and Sustainability (through the College of Sustainability’s Environment, Sustainability and Society programme). David is serving as the Urban Biodiversity Coordinator with the Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club for the summer of 2013. He is overseeing programs such as HRM Diverse, a citizen science biodiversity monitoring program aimed at increasing knowledge of the natural world in the general population. He hopes that projects such of these can increase nature literacy and lead to greater conservation efforts in the HRM and abroad.


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