Russell Lake Takes Root Community Tree Planting - Successfully completed Oct. 5

"To everyone who came out to Russell Lake Takes Root Oct 5, I can't thank you enough! From the businesses who made the event so hospitable to the community members who helped plant 1600 trees in just under two hours, what an amazing demonstration of how communities come together. I hope people enjoyed themselves today and that you might consider joining us the next time we have an event! Photos from today may be posted in the future on the HRM Diverse Facebook page..

A huge thank you to everyone who has followed along with HRM Diverse as it was created under a year ago, to it's grand finale this year with Russell Lake Takes Root. Following some good advice from a bear, the facebook page will go into hibernation from now until next spring. I will respond to messages through facebook, but won't be posting new content. Keep us on your list and next spring you might be surprised with what we have planned; year two will be an exciting one!

 For more information, message the HRM Diverse Facebook page.

A project of the Sierra Club Atlantic Canada Chapter, HRM Diverse is a nature literacy program geared towards engaging members of the public with any degree of experience with nature, be it little or none. HRM Diverse presently consists of two levels of experience for participants.

HRM Diverse Surveys, the original component of the program is a biodiversity monitoring program, equiping members of the public with the tools to participate in an ecological diversity study with absolutely no experience required. Hands on learning facilitated through educational aids and cooperation with other participants enables volunteers to learn about the natural world in urban and near-urban wilderness areas, as well as the wildlife that may be very close to home! All that is required is a willingness to learn and an open mind.

HRM Diverse Walks is a new program aimed at individuals who would like to learn more about the fascinating natural history and environment of some of the HRM’s greatest urban wilderness treasures. Guided tours by guest monthly expert naturalists will provide a valuable resource for learning more about the parks we often take for granted.

Like the page to keep updated on future events, and future programs of HRM Diverse, including ways to contribute to the diversity of the HRM’s wilderness areas! Contact the webmaster with any questions by a direct message, or by



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