Natural Capital refers to the stock of natural resources and environmental assets, and how they contribute to building healthy communities. The Natural Capital perspective is a way of placing a monetary value on the benefits, known as ecological goods and services, that nature naturally provides to humans. Examples include: regulating climate, water purification, erosion control, flood protection, and providing health benefits. 

Natural Capital is a way of communicating how much nature is worth, in the hopes to make better policy and development decisions in the future.

Thanks to recent support from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Sierra Club was able to design and print Natural Capital booklets specific to Mississauga and Brampton. The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund and Community Foundation of Mississauga also funded Sierra Club to expand this program by facilitating natural area restoration projects and "walks & talks".

In 2014 we've expanded into Town of Ajax with a RBC Blue Water grant to restore natural vegetation to cleanse water at Paradise Beach.

Watch this website for up-coming dates for tree-plantings and FREE guided nature "walks & talks", led by local naturalists and professionals!

If you are interested in volunteering or attending any of these events, please contact our staff at 

Will you stand up for Canadian Charities?


Dear Friend, 

For decades, Canadian charities have given voice to the concerns of Canadians who want social progress, better health and a clean and safe environment. From laws banning smoking in public places and the creation of anti-drinking and driving laws, to the reversal of the depletion of the ozone layer and the curbing of the acid rain crisis -– all these achievements and more were a result of the efforts of charities and the millions of Canadians who supported them. 

It is important for a healthy democracy that charities are involved in shaping public policy.


We are asking all federal party leaders to fix our broken charitable laws. 

Doing so will ensure Canadians continue to have an ongoing avenue for voicing their concerns about issues that impact their daily lives.

Will you stand with us and ask for a healthy democracy in Canada? 


Sign the petition

Read the Report.



Yours in defence of the environment and democracy,

Diane Beckett
Interim Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada Foundation 

Experienced Videographer

Sierra Club Ontario is seeking an experienced Videographer to help us with photography and the creation of a Promotional Video about our Natural Capital Campaign and Tree Planting Events. This person will be required to attend two afternoon events (April 22 + May 23) and produce an edited video promptly after the May long weekend.


·       - Education in video editing and photography

·       -  Experience documenting, capturing and editing video... Read more »

Posting closes: 
Sun, 2015-03-15 (All day)


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