Go Wild in HRM Workshop, Apr. 5



You’re invited to our Go Wild in HRM Workshop!

April 5, 2012, 1 – 4:30 pm (followed by optional field trip to test our protocol)

Dalhousie University (Room Number to Follow)

We are inviting experts and volunteers to participate in a workshop aimed at refining a protocol for citizens in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) to monitor biodiversity in this huge and diverse region. The aim of the monitoring protocol is to increase our understanding of the many unique places in HRM, use this information to improve land use planning, and to gage how biodiversity changes over time.

Please RSVP Jessica Miller at 902-444-3113 or atlanticcanadachapter@sierraclub.caif you or someone from your organization can attend.

We need your help to make the protocols for monitoring biodiversity a success!



Backgrounder on HRM Wild

The HRM Wild: Biodiversity in HRM project aims to establish community-based long-term biodiversity monitoring protocols that can be used to analyze species presence and abundance over time in 20 representative locations within the Halifax Regional Municipality. Data on presence and abundance of amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, plants, and land, aquatic, and marine invertebrates will be collected by volunteers and reported to an interactive online database called iNaturalist.org that utilizes GoogleMaps to accurately store observations. Habitats selected for monitoring include various forest types, wetlands, saltwater marshes, coastal and interior barrens, sandy and cobble beaches, and freshwater streams and rivers. Locations within HRM and the protocols are still being finalized for selection .. which is why we need your help!

This project complements Sierra Club Atlantic nature immersion program for children, Wild Child, and is support by the Sustainable Environment Management Office of Halifax Regional Municipality and the Dalhousie University’s Co-op Program.


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