Executive Committee

The Executive Committee ('Ex Com') of the Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada consists of a volunteer group of individuals that run the affairs of the Chapter and hold yearly elections. They hold monthly meetings, usually by teleconference, which all members are welcome to attend. To find out about the next meeting or contact members of the Ex Com, please contact our office at 902-444-3113 or email gretchenf@sierraclub.ca.

Members of the Atlantic Chapter's Executive Committee


Chair, Emma Hebb, New Brunswick

Emma is originally from Wallace, NS. Emma has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Science. Currently lives in St. George, NB and works for Eastern Charlotte Waterways.


Vice Chair, Dr. Brad Walters, New Brunswick

Brad is an internationally recognized research scientist and is chair of Environmental Studies and a professor at Mount Allison University. Dr. Walters has been appointed to the NB Community Land Trust Board of Directors, the Environmental Chamber of the Maritime Forest Stewardship Council, and the NB Nature Trust Board of Trustees.


Treasurer, James Teale, Nova Scotia

James brings a corporate and marketing perspective from being in the financial industry for seven years. The environmental movement will be best served by focusing on mainstream society and in particular the business community.


Past-Chair and Secretary, Christina MacLeod, Prince Edward Island

Christina has a Masters in Environmental Law, specializing in climate change law, and a strong background in Canadian politics. Christina’s focus with the Chapter has been to create an effective voice for balanced environmental advocacy.


Alexandra Gilbert, Newfoundland

Currently in the second year of the PhD program in English Literature at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Alexandra’s areas of research are Newfoundland Literature and Island Studies.


Bethany Toombs, Prince Edward Island

Beth is a teacher by profession and teaches about sustainability and active citizenship in her classes. She has a strong understanding of the Canadian legal system, Canadian government and geography. Her skills are in leadership, organization and public speaking.


Eileen Richmond, Nova Scotia


Eileen is task-oriented and a follow-through type person. Her values are integrity, kindness, respect, trust and a commitment to the Sierra Club cause. Her skills are organizational skills, interpersonal skills, as well as communication and problem solving skills.


Najat Abdou-McFarland, New Brunswick

Najat cares deeply about the environmental issues in the Atlantic region. Her skills are communication skills and research skills.


Jane MacDougald, Nova Scotia

Jane participated on the Fundraising sub-committee in 2011-2012 and helped to raise $8000.00 over the phone. Her skills are in event planning, communications, and fundraising campaigns.


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