Environmental Education Program

Program Goal

The goal of the education program is to develop and deliver environmental school programs that increase youths’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of the ecological processes and environmental issues of the Atlantic region, and to encourage environmental stewardship actions. We presently have two active programs, Wild Child and Sierra Buddies.


Core Philosophies

· Bringing People Together

We will act in the spirit of community, cooperation and teamwork in the interest of promoting, enhancing and supporting sound environmental education within Canada.

· Connections with the Earth

We focus on the interconnectedness of our ecosystems, linking the local to the global. We encourage environmental stewardship and sustainability to help reduce human impact on the planet.

· Empowerment

We seek to provide skills that stimulate critical thought and empower participants to initiate and continue environmental activities. Our Education Programs are based on sound, credible science and are presented in an unbiased fashion, thus allowing students to consider a wide range of opinions and values to make sustainable choices.

· Education by Doing

Centered around hands-on interactive activities, our resources and programs help participants derive a sense of place.

· Program Costs

For information on program costs and registration please contact us at (902) 444-3113.


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