Tankers vs. Tank Tops BBQ - Aug. 7th




Come Learn Firsthand About the Enbridge Pipeline from Grassroots Activist Greer Kaiser 


WHEN: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Tuesday, August 7th

WHERE: Ecology Action Centre, 2705 Fern Lane, Halifax 


The debate about the Enbridge pipeline has become central to Canada's dialogue on energy, climate change and human rights. If you are against it, according to some Conservatives, you are 'against Canada'. BC Premier Christy Clark recently announced that BC needs to be compensated, and then she will allow tar sands oil to be pumped across the last intact temperate rainforest and shipped from the (currently tanker-free) BC Coast. According to BC's Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, the pipeline is 'not about the money, it’s about the environment, stupid,' and he calls on Canadians to join together opposing it.

In Atlantic Canada, we are fighting fracking and trying to stop oil and gas in fragile marine ecosystems like the Gulf of St. Lawrence - while promoting local renewable energy sources and sustainable transportation. But what does it mean to be living on the land where the Enbridge pipeline could be built? Why does this issue matter to all Canadians? And what are our leaders doing about the issue?


Break out your finest tank top and join us for veggie and non-veggie BBQ to talk with someone who lives in the path of the proposed pipeline, activist Greer Kaiser. There will be a prize for the most creative tank top versus tanker get upl!


We have also invited: MPs Megan Leslie (attending), Geoff Regan (invited), and NS MP Peter MacKay (invited)


For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Gretchen Fitzgerald at gretchenf@sierraclub.ca or 902-444-3113.


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