Program Areas

SCC-ACC is involved in a broad range of activities from advocacy to education. Our major efforts are in the areas of energy and climate change, healthy communities, sustainable economies, the protection of wild spaces, and environmental education.   We have an excellent reputation for refusing to compromise our ideals for convenience or for comfort. We are comfortable in a Minister’s office raising your concerns, being interviewed by the media, and at a kitchen table with a group of activist fishermen.          

Some of our recent successes Include:

  • Educating thousands of elementary and high school students every year about forest and coastal ecosystems and how we can reduce our ecological footprint. We also work with local watershed protection groups on PEI to educate elementary students about water conservation.
  • Establishment of a provincially legislated ban on uranium mining and exploration in Nova Scotia.
  • Stopping the use of cosmetic pesticides across our region, resulting in partial bans in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, and a complete ban on cosmetic use of pesticides in Nova Scotia.
  • Taking legal action to protect Sandy Pond, NL – and lakes and ponds across Canada - from being turned into toxic dump sites for mining waste.
  • Hosting numerous educational events surrounding the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, to which we sent a volunteer citizen-journalist.
  • Working to fix our fisheries and the protection of marine biodiversity and fish habitat through the establishment of marine protected areas and sustainable fishing practices.


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