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Russell Lake Takes Root with HRM Diverse

WHEN: Saturday, October 5th, 10 am - 1 pm

WHERE: Baker Drive Park, Dartmouth, NS across from Kent

Plant trees, break ground in Baker Drive Park, and meet your fellow community members and businesses. HRM Diverse will be hosting a community tree planting event in Russell Lake West on October 5th, 2013. With funding from Canon Canada and Evergreen and the support of the Halifax Regional Municipality, we are laying the foundation for an important community space with the planting of 1500 trees in Baker Drive Park, directly across from the Kent shopping area.... Read more »

Important update on our #SaveTheBees campaign

First, I want to thank you for signing our petition to #SaveTheBees. Over 4400 Canadians signed the petition, so know you are not alone in your concern. Please also know we are doing everything we can to raise public awareness - we won’t stop until we win a ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

There is a lot to report as much has happened since Sierra Club Canada called for a ban in May.... Read more »

Line 9: Kingston Gets Creative


There are alerts of a disaster occurring just north of Kingston along Unity Road. Local residents appear to have been overwhelmed by a terrible flood of tar sands oil!

All have been mutated into what can only be called… BITUMEN ZOMBIES!!... Read more »

Open Letter to President Obama

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States of America

Dear President Obama,

We learned late Friday that Prime Minister Harper has written to you with an offer of reducing Tar Sands emissions in exchange for your approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Please know that the majority of Canadians support strong action on greenhouse gas emissions and want to prevent runaway climate change. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister represents the interests of multi-national oil companies, not Canadians.... Read more »

Stewards of Land and Water

In this third segment of the interview with Walter Regan, he discusses the ways in which humans have modified the environment throughout time, and how our own settlements have been shaped by the land we often seek to conquer. 



Learn more about the Sackville area and river by joining us on our walk with Mr. Regan on Saturday, August 24th. Learn more about this and other evetns on the HRM Diverse facebook page.

Naturally Sackville

The second interview with Walter Regan, he discusses the natural history of the Sackville area, including the namesake river. 


Learn more from Mr. Regan by joining us on our walk this Saturday, August 24th, on the Bedford Sackville Greenway Connector. Learn more about this event and more on facebook.

Check back later for more of the interview with Mr. Regan.

The Human History of Sackville

This is the first of four interviews with Mr. Regan about the Sackville River. In this segment, he discusses the human history of the Sackville area, including it's first residents, and how later arrivals used the land.


The Human History of Sackville, Nova Scotia


Check back for more of Mr. Regan's interview, including topics such as fish in the river and major disturbances in the area.

Introducing our August Expert - Walter Regan

Coordinating the HRM Diverse program has been a pleasure for me, because of the things I've learned, the places I've seen, but mostly, the people I've met. I have had the privilege of meeting some of our communities' biggest change makers, the people on the front lines of conservation and community building.... Read more »

Discovering Shubie Park

My first experience of what is now Shubie Park was over sixty years ago as a Boy Scout.   I, along with some of my scouting friends, used to do daytime and overnight hikes in this area.  I remember my first experience at winter camping which took place here as well.  However, at that time we had no idea the large stone structures we saw were actually 19th century locks.   To the best of my knowledge nothing of the Canal was ever taught in school.  Since that time I have maintained an affection for this historic area and I was extremely pleased when I learned the Province and the City had purchased these lands for a park.   Thankfully, the Park is now enjoyed by thousands of people each year and its history is gradually becoming better known.... Read more »

Crossing paths in Dartmouth

Over the years the area which now constitutes Shubie Park as well as the associated lakes have faced a number of difficult periods. For many years the only road which bordered the area was the Waverley Rd but it was a fairly minor intrusion.  More recently two major highways were built fairly close to the present park lands and lakes and these have certainly caused environmental problems.  In addition a quarry was operated in the area where Dartmouth Shopping Centre is now located and run-off from this had a very deleterious effect on the lakes and the Shubie Park area. Thankfully, Dartmouth Crossings, during their most recent development, worked closely with a well qualified environmental firm and steps were taken to mitigate negative effects in fact improvements were made. Shubie Park is now a sanctuary for a number of species.... Read more »


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