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Halifax Goes Wild Photo Contest

Give us your best shot for the Halifax Goes Wild photo contest!

Show off your photo skills and the city’s green spaces in our photo contest, with prizes provided by Atlantic Photo Supply. Here's the answers to all your questions about this contest!

 “What kind of photos are you looking for?” – Photos should depict a green space within the municipality. This could be a park, a beach, your own backyard, or more. Photos can have people in them (with their consent), or not, it’s up to you!

“Sounds great, what can I win!?” – Great question! Atlantic Photo Supply will provide the winners with canvas prints of their choice. These aren’t just any prints either, these are gallery quality canvas wraps! First, second, and third place winners will receive, respectively, a 24x36”, 16x24”, or 11x14” canvas wrap, valued at $198, $114, or $70 retail, plus tax.... Read more »

Submit an image to Halifax Goes Wild through Twitter

Send us a tweet with the following text:


My @HfxDiverse #HalifaxGoesWild photo entry:


Then attach your photo and tell us your name, the name of the photo (if you wish) and when/where the photo was taken. We'll contact you through Twitter if you win!

Unfortunately there's no way to make a fancy button to do this automatically :(


Thanks for entering!

What I Would Have Said

It's been a few nights since Nova Scotia's independent fracking review passed through Halifax, addressing a frustrated and distrusting crowd of concerned citizens. These brave PhDs stood before hundreds of people and presented some unpopular conclusions...on an even less popular topic.

Fracking - the controversial process of fracturing shale rock deep underground using a toxic mixture of chemicals in order to retrieve bubbles of natural gas. We've become a profoundly desperate people, haven't we?

The public meeting was held in a lecture hall at King's College. Some people from the audience spoke out of turn, while others simply shouted over the panelists trying to deliver their findings. I was caught between sympathy for the panelists and stark agreeance with the hecklers.... Read more »

Halifax Goes Wild Photo Contest Terms and Conditions


  • “Contest album” refers to the album hosted on Facebook which features all accepted submitted images by contest participants
  • “Contest promoter” refers to Halifax Diverse, a program of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation Atlantic Chapter
    • Offices at 1649 Barrington St, 2nd floor (The Hub), Halifax, B3J 1Z9
  • “Contest sponsor” refers to Atlantic Photo Supply Foto source
    • Offices at 202 Brownlow Dr., Dartmouth, B3B 1T5
  • “Participant” refers to an individual who submits a photo to the contest 
  • “Submitted image” refers to images which are uploaded to the contest promoter for judging by the staff of the contest sponsor
    • Acceptance of photos into the contest is subject to these terms and conditions

Eligibility... Read more »

Community gardens now able to sell produce - green thumbs rejoice

One small step for community gardens, one giant leap for Halifax at large.

There are 11 community gardens in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), public spaces in which people can grow their own food, to lower the grocery bill, to satisfy their need for local produce or to put their insatiable green thumbs to work. Thanks to a progressive move by municipal council, these soil enthusiasts can now sell their hard earned fruits and veggies to the public.

Moneys earned from these sales are not pocketed by the growers, however. According to the new municipal law, all earnings must be used for the benefit of the municipality or the community gardens themselves.

"This is a major change for the city," said David Foster, program coordinator with Halifax Diverse, an initiative aiming to connect the public with urban nature. "It adds legitimacy to urban orchards and gardens...and makes them the urban equivalent to a real farm."... Read more »

Intersection redesign is an example of Urban Forestry Master Plan in action

A long awaited roundabout is going to mean the end of some long standing trees on the Halifax Common.

Work is beginning this week on the conversion of the North Park and Cunard Street intersection into a roundabout and will causes significant changes to the surrounding area. Most noticeably this will involve reshaping the intersection into a traffic circle, including the use of some land that was formerly green space on the North Common. 

There are casualties in all great campaigns, and in this case it will be several old trees that have overlooked the Common for decades. But it’s not all bad news in this corner of Halifax, because the removal of those trees is guided by the Urban Forestry Master Plan (UFMP), which aims to ensure long-term sustainable development of the city’s treed habitats. The plan was approved by council in 2012. ... Read more »

Psst...secrets can hurt you

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not good at keeping secrets, and I particularly don’t like when governments work in secret. Governments feed us a lot of malarkey about why secrecy is essential, but 9 times out of 10 there’s no justifiable reason.

Here are some government plans developing in secret that everyone should know about.


At an undisclosed location in Ottawa this week, 400 delegates from Pacific Rim countries are negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) - the latest ‘free trade’ deal our government says we just have to have.... Read more »

PEI caught between Cavendish and a hard place

There's been a moratorium on deep water wells for over a decade on PEI. It was established in 2002 because of major drought conditions that year, linked to the overuse of groundwater by these wells.

They pose a danger to the Island in particular because its residents depends heavily on groundwater. For example, the city of Charlottetown runs entire rivers dry with its water consumption; Winter River hasn't flowed for several summers now. Clearly this is a delicate water table.

When the PEI Potato Board requested the moratorium be lifted in 2012, all fingers were pointed at Cavendish Farms as the motivator behind this request. Potatoes are a thirsty crop and if Cavendish wanted higher yields, they needed to exploit groundwater.... Read more »

Indigenous Insights in Point Pleasant Park

Did you know that Saturday, June 21st is National Aboriginal Day? Halifax is going to be the site of some fantastic opportunities to learn about indigenous traditions, culture, and knowledge! You can learn more about the day's events on the Aboriginal Day Live website.


After all the excitement of the 21st has waned, we invite you to join us with Elder Billy Lewis for a walk and talk in Point Pleasant Park, where he will be talking about the importance of various plants to indigenous peoples as medicines, foods, for their cultural importance, and as part of a healthy environment. Mr. Lewis is an arborist, master gardner, and long time supporter of building healthy communities through stewarding a healthy environment.

 ... Read more »

Northern Gateway: Isn’t it time to reject the past and embrace the future?

June 17, 2014

Today the federal cabinet approved the Northern Gateway Tar Sands pipeline.

It’s a decision that could define our times. We are witnessing the final stages of a protracted wrestling match between our future and our past.

Can we afford to let this decision stand? Aren’t our children--born and unborn--depending on us?

I’m not going to go into all the reasons why we must end our fossil fuel addiction, and move on to a clean energy future. You’ve heard it before.

But this decision could be different. It could be a game-changer. The Northern Gateway Tar Sands pipeline could be a turning point because of the huge opposition in British Columbia —unparalleled in Canadian history:... Read more »


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