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Day 5 - 31 litres!

Today I was 6 litres over the 25l total! Hear me out though. I got up in the morning and took my usual sponge bath (4 litres there). I manually flushed the toilet (another 4 litres). Then I went to the market did a few errands throughout the day. Carrying my water bottle with me I drank about 4 litres. I stopped home in the afternoon to eat, but also to rack beer. I started brewing beer a couple days before the challenge started and now it was ready to switch containers. It's my first time brewing beer, but it's deadly simple; just buy a kit, mix the ingredients, store it in a container to ferment, change containers, eventually add sugar and then bottle it. One thing I didn't realize though is that brewing beer is very water intensive. To start you have to sanitize all the equipment. To do this you mix a chlorinated cleaner with a couple litres of water. Soak, and then rinse with a couple more litres of water.... Read more »

Day 4

Day 4 - 24 Litres again.

I came home from work today and my roommate was ready - he had a list of sources saying that new dishwashers were far more efficient than washing dishes by hand. I think he had them ready because he took offense to my post on day 2, but also probably because my pile of dirty dishes in the sink had become a colony of fruit flies.

Here are three quick sources he found: Read more »

Video of day 1

Here is a quick video of me just talking about how the first day was going.


More videos and pictures to come! And of better quality!

Day 3 - 24 litres

 Day 3 was the my highest day yet for water use.

What's killing me is the flushing. If I had a composting toilet, or even if it only took two litres to flush, this challenge would be a breeze.  I used 12 litres flushing the toilet, almost half my total. And that's just manual flushing! If I was actually flushing the toilet by the handle, there is no physical way I could do this challenge.

Last night, the rugby guys went out to meet an alumni & sponsor of the team for a beer. We went just to get to know him, say thank you, and share a few stories. Of course, being rugby players, a beer turned into a couple beers, and a couple into a dozen.... Read more »

Day 2 - Showering

Day 2 of the 25 litre/day challenge.


Yesterday was the second day of the challenge. I feel like I've gotten into the habit of it counting every litre and really cutting back. The picture is of the calendar I''ve made to chart my water use. Day 2 was 17 litres.


After hosting the regional ActionH20 Summit on water conservation and local water issues in Atlantic Canada, I took Monday off. Yesterday was the first day back at work and actually being productive while on the challenge. It was fine; I'm just carrying around a 1L water bottle and couunting the fills.

 ... Read more »

Day 1 of the 25 Litre Challenge!

Day 1!

Today was the first day of my 30 day challenge to use only 25 litres of water per day.

I thought today wouldn't be to bad since I didn't have to do any laundry, and I had made sure to have a long shower last night. Honestly, it was freaking tough. By mid afternoon, I had already used 10 litres and I still needed to wash dishes.

It's been a steep learning curve. I keep forgetting that I can't use the tap; I turn the faucet on for a second and then realize, but I still have to count that water used. Also, I wasted about 7 litres figuring out how much water it takes to manually flush a toilet. Since most toilets use 13 litres per flush, I have to flush it manually by pouring water directly into the bowl. I tried to do it with 3 litres at first, and flushed a bit, but not much. Then I tried to do it with 4 litres and had only slightly better results. ughh... My roommates might not like me much after this.... Read more »

Progrès Parlementaire sur les changements climatiques

Le 1er avril, les membres du Parlement ont adopté le Projet de loi C-311 autrement dit la Loi sur la responsabilité en matière de changements climatiques en deuxième lectures. Ce fut avec 141 votes pour contre 128. Sierra Club Canada félicite les députés du parti Libéral, du NPD et du Bloc Québécois qui votèrent pour ce projet de loi.... Read more »

Faites pression sur le Parlement pour qu’il agisse dans le dossier des climatiques

Les changements climatiques représentent un des plus grands défis de notre époque. Est-ce que le gouvernement aura le courage d’agir pour arrêter le réchauffement planétaire?... Read more »

Festival du film sur les sables bitumineux

Sierra Club Canada présente :

Jeudi le 19 février 2009
16 h à 22 h 00
Théâtre des anciens, Centre universitaire Jock Turcot,
85, rue Université, Université d’Ottawa, Ottawa  CARTE
L’entrée est gratuite
... Read more »


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