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We drink it, wash with it, play in it, draw food from it: two thirds of our bodies is water!  Life on earth evolved from aquatic environments, and our rivers, oceans, and lakes are often wellsprings for a deep connection with the natural world.

In Atlantic Canada, we seem to be surrounded by water: whether in the form of lakes, rivers, and - of course! - the mighty Atlantic Ocean, there seems to be an unlimited supply. Not to mention the water that falls from the sky ... At the same time, barely a week goes by that we don't hear about water being contaminated by pollutants and sewage, local water shortages or boil orders, and impacts of climate change on groundwater resources. 

The fact is, in spite of the apparent abundance of freshwater, we need to be better stewards of our watersheds and drinking water. In Canada, only 1% of our freshwater is replenished every year .. if we take out more than this amount, we will be 'mining' this essential resource. And we are already one of the world's highest water consumers, with the average Canadian consuming 328 litres per day!

The Action H2O campaign is designed to help us protect and conserve our precious water by working with leaders in our local communities to conserve water, protect watersheds and plan for water security.

To help launch this new campaign we will be host the Action H2O Atlantic Regional Summit.  ActionH20 Summit on Water Quality and Conservation August 14thand 15thin Wolfville Nova Scotia.  Click here for more information.


For more details or to sign up your community for the campaign, please check out the Action H2O website:


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